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High-speed handling of pharmaceutical products (both loose and packaged) can prove to be difficult.

The regular flow of packaging along the production line is fundamental; stability is one of the crucial aspects associated with the handling of pharmaceutical products. Bottles, cans, vials or other containers can topple and cause unprogrammed plant downtime or machine stop times.

A sa result, even a single product that does not flow smoothly on the production line may have a negative impact on efficiency.

Tosti is an attentive partner that collaborates with numerous technical design offices of companies that manufacture plants and machines for the pharmaceutical sector. Tosti is constantly searching for new and innovative solutions while investing continuously in the latest processing and control technologies and new material to stay ahead of its competitors.

In a rapidly changing market, the capacity for innovation is vital. This is why Tosti’s research and development sector, in particular the biomedical sector, has a decisive role in achieving cutting edge innovations.

Tosti, in collaboration with the Certema Research and Development Center (Innovative Private Entrepreneurial project), is looking into new bio-compatible material for antitumor medical devices .

Tosti S.r.l. - Projects financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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