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About us

Tosti – a strong past projected into the future

Numerous applications, a major group.

Tosti specialises in the production of components manufactured in “Technopolymer” and “composite materials”. In Tosti’s catalogue, version 2018, you’ll find a new series of standard Products (chain guide profiles, belt guide profiles, metal ducts etc.), however Tosti is specialized and structured mainly to work and create personalized items at the customer’s request with the latest generation of numerically controlled machines.

Tosti is a attentive partner in all industrial applications: bottling, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, mechanical, railway, automotive, energy, ceramics, glass, food, paper, wood…

The wide range of materials used and products, a dynamic growth strategy, consolidated skills, successful partnerships, exchange of technical and commercial information, as well as sharing experiences within the organization, has brought Tosti to be a company projected into the future with an innovative solution philosophy that is successful in all industrial application sectors.

The continuous improvement process applied at Tosti guarantees excellent (state of the art) quality to all clients.

Tosti embodies the characteristics of a structured and well-organized company, with over 100 employees, including highly skilled technicians.

One of Tosti’s main objectives is to achieve high local efficiency factors, or rather obtain high specialization in each role and therefore greater productive efficiency in each function.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the organizational model, to the machinery’s high technological level and to the technical department’s Know-How, it achieves significant economies of scale, placing products of the highest quality on the market, while guaranteeing the utmost level of safety and competitiveness. The careful programming of the production activity, supported by integrated digital systems, allows to maintain high management flexibility and to ensure rapid and reliable delivery times.

Tosti S.r.l. - Projects financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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