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The company was founded in 1971 specializing in mechanical machining made as a result of designs and technical specifications provided by clients.

Driven by the idea that the achievement of ambitious goals depends on the constant acquisition of skills in managing technical processes and the ability to innovate both the machinery and methodologies of work, Tosti began a long, challenging and successful entrepreneurial path. In 1983, the first numerically controlled machines were introduced, leading to the increase of the technical and productive potential that not only satisfied quantitatively numerous orders, but that also led to the production of highly complex technical parts and components. In order to increase the competitive value of the company and market share, during the 2000s the company implemented a line entirely dedicated to the processing of high-tech plastics called Technopolymers. This change led to strengthening the fleet of machines in the 5 axes turning and milling sector and to producing subassemblies via the efficient ERP system for managing distinct multilevel bases and complex work cycles.

Tosti S.r.l. - Projects financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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