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Our Mission

The purpose of our company, an attentive partner with a focused philosophy towards innovative and winning solutions, is to support our customers in improving the reliability, quality and productivity of their plants and their processes, providing them with custom-made articles and excellent systems and services for all industrial applications: bottling, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, mechanical, railway, automotive, energy, ceramics, glass, food, paper, wood, etc…
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Tosti group’s constant growth is the result of a company line focused on assertive communication, obtained via training every single person.

Our training courses are addressed to all levels of the organization and to all the company’s professional roles.

Tosti Team’s specific level of preparation, professionalism and working in a structured, detailed and timely manner are the foundations of the guarantee and certainty of our successes.

Tosti has always been sensitive and respectful to all its employees, providing excellent working conditions and personal and professional development in an encouraging corporate environment aimed at growth and initiative.

The heart of the Tosti company is human resources; as a result this strategic resource is made up of people that are enthusiastic, reliable, creative and positive.

These sound, basic values and the unparalleled team of professionals, who have a profound industrial experience and application knowledge, will be the right elements to achieve and add a step towards operational excellence and Tosti.

Tosti S.r.l. - Projects financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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