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Tosti Academy

Tosti, in recent times, is strongly committed to enhancing its technical and managerial know-how, with the aim of keeping it simple yet capable of responding to new market challenges.

The key word for Tosti is “change”; not by chance, rather with a focused philosophy in corporate innovation, Tosti has created and launched the “Tosti Academy”. The “Tosti Academy” is considered by Tosti a space for confrontation, listening and reflection where people help each other to grow, and everyone’s main goal is to propose and guarantee articles made by high-level and quality CNC machines for the domestic and foreign market .

The “Tosti Academy” was created to develop and experiment a leadership path for its employees by combining their identity of the past with fresh and innovative skills; a new managerial style, which will allow us to tackle new market challenges in a targeted and structured manner.

Tosti S.r.l. - Projects financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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