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Research and innovation – “CERTEMA” s.c.a.r.l. S.P. del Cipressino Km. 10-58044 Cinigiano (GR).

The future holds many challenges for us. In order to win nowadays, it is crucial to continuously introduce new products and refine existing ones. In this regard, the discovery and application of new technologies that meet the unfulfilled needs of consumers and improve the functionality of products play a decisive role.

Innovation is the engine of growth for Tosti S.r.l.. Tosti’s future depends on the ability to introduce the most significant innovations quicker than our competitors.

In a rapidly changing market, the capacity to innovate is destined to be increasingly significant; as a result the research and development sector has a decisive role in achieving cutting-edge innovations.

And this is why Tosti S.r.l., along with five other companies and with the support and contribution of the Tuscan region and the province of Grosseto, the St. Anna High School in Pisa and the Ministry of Economic Development, has launched an innovative entrepreneurial project, managed by companies with a general interest, called “CERTEMA”.

Certema is the open access Multidisciplinary Technological Laboratory of the Province of Grosseto: a system of technological services established in Maremma, in the municipality of Cinigiano, located between Grosseto and Siena.

Certema is a project that brings together, under a single structure, several complementary industrial fields (precision mechanics, mechanical constructions, sintering laser (additive manufacturing), automation, measurement and analysis), capable of devising, developing and carrying out a project in its entirety without having to resort to a different interlocutor for each planning phase or development field.

This industrial ability to bring together various processes in a single plant, makes Certema a unique and flexible technology services system in central Italy. Certema’s aim is to enable and promote the development of projects and competences, with a high technological and innovative content, which will improve the competitiveness and the short and medium-term innovation capacity of existing SMEs, which foster the birth of new businesses.

Furthermore, Certema counts on being a reference point as a link and technological transfer function, between academia and research institutions, towards SMEs and the world of education, by launching collaborative and training programmes with the institutes in its territory.

Tosti S.r.l. - Projects financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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