IA and organization

Our pluses in multiple areas.


Unlike many other realities, for years we have been working on the continuous updating of our organizational structure, in order to give customers services that no one else, at the same size, can offer.

We are the only reality in Italy able to process, simultaneously, technopolymers, plastic laminate, fiberglass and aluminum.

We have focused on an artificial intelligence program and the optimization of our organization.

This was possible thanks to certain characteristics of the company.

Speed and precision together.

In a world where first-mover prevails, we manage to guarantee a response to any commercial offer within three days, a principle that applies to all customers.

At the same time, orders and their confirmations are systematically handled within the maximum time frame of five days. 

At the same time, we are also able to take action on integrated supply chain portals by integrating this service with our management system. 

Planning and digitization to reduce costs

We have been equipped with a finite-capacity scheduling system and a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) since 2008, anticipating by more than a decade the policies that are now fostering their inclusion through the implementation of the “Industria 4.0 ” law. This demonstrates a distinct mentality devoted to planning and attention to management processes. 

These services are also implemented thanks to an increasingly up-to-date IT system that allows us to guarantee total verticality of the supply chain, making Tosti a supplier capable of centralizing processes and reducing costs for the client.

Process-integrated artificial intelligence.

The continuous upgrade of our systems is leading us to develop an artificial intelligence scheduler. 

Our focus on the AI-related world and processes are the latest steps in a journey we have been engaged in for some time. 

In fact, we have internally trained staff with programming skills on Oracle, Python, RPA (Robotics Process Automation) programming, and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming.

This allows us to easily handle special customer requests without burdening our costs.

In addition, we have a consulting contract with a company specializing in industrial cyber security and critical infrastructure to perform periodic penetration tests and vulnerability assessments.

A 360-degree organization and service that customers can only find at Tosti.