Raw materials from around the world

Our international network of suppliers.

our methodology

Through partnerships with major raw material suppliers, we are able to ensure a secure supply even in the most difficult times.

We purchase from all over the world directly from raw material producers.

Our agreements guarantee us availability of materials at all times, so that we can also overcome critical moments similar to those that have affected the world market in recent years.

We guarantee the supply of raw materials and adherence to schedules.

At the customer’s request we are also able to handle any kind of certification: (fire and smoke certification, food and grade certification, etc…)

In this way we are able to verticalize the supply chain with different materials.

For a whole range of products, we boast a series of agreements with manufacturers worldwide. From technopolymers to fiberglass, through aluminum and its alloys to phenolic laminates and plastic laminate, we can boast a supply chain capable of ensuring the continuous presence of raw materials in stock, allowing us to implement stock policies.

We can handle any type of certification on raw materials that the customer requires.