Production sites

From our territory to the rest of Italy with the goal of being close to our customers.

our production sites

From our territory to the rest of Italy with the aim of reducing delivery times.

Tosti was born in Monte Amiata, here we have four plants, all in the territory of Castel del Piano, where our story began. 

In recent years we have added the Signa plant, where our warehouse of semi-finished products is located and where the resale of the same is carried out, and another in the province of Modena where we decided to invest in a company highly specialized in milling and turning, with high technical skills. 

Castel del Piano

Tosti’s historic headquarters, the heart of the enterprise is located here. Today in the town at the foot of Mount Amiata, the company has four plants. The three in the two industrial zones on the edge of the town have been joined by the one in Orcia 1. This is where the semi-finished goods warehouse, cutting line and pantographs are located.

Signa (Firenze)

Tosti soon expanded beyond the Amiata territory. In Signa you will find our resale of semi-finished products. This is the only GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified warehouse in Italy.


After Tuscany, Emilia Romagna. This hub specializes in the production of items for customers in this important industrial area, particularly for the food & pharma sector, guaranteeing the quality of production and order management typical of Tosti directly on the ground, so as to be as responsive as possible to every customer request.

Our facilities allow us to be closer to our customers from a logistical point of view, improving our capabilities.