Innovation and Certema

A path focused on research and development.

a place of innovation

The future holds many challenges for us. To overcome them, it is crucial to try to get ahead of the times; to do so, the discovery and application of new technologies take on a decisive role: hence the experience of Certema. 

The Multidisciplinary Technological Laboratory is a system of technological services

that was born in Maremma, a barycenter between Grosseto and Siena, thanks to the efforts of a consortium of six companies and thanks to the valuable collaboration of important

Italian universities such as the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and the contribution of the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE).

Innovation is the engine of growth.

Within CERTEMA, we are in the business of performing materials analysis at a level of extreme detail, making it unique.

What sets us apart is the ability to suggest to the customer which parameters of their production process to act on in order to solve any problems, such as sudden breakage, excessive wear, etc…

Thanks to the Zeiss scanning electron microscope, we can perform two types of analysis:

  1. superficial, analysis of the surface of the material;
  2. compositional, analysis by backscattered electrons;
  3. in addition to this instrument, we also carry a DSC, which is useful for studying thermograms and measuring the phase change of various elements, and a diffractometer.

This industrial ability to bring together various processes in one laboratory makes CERTEMA a unique technological service system, capable of prototyping, implementing technology transfer, and characterizing raw materials (raw materials) and processes.

The laboratory is an important player in the development of projects and skills that improve the competitiveness and innovation capacity of SMEs and new enterprises.

CERTEMA is now a point of reference in linking academia and SMEs, as well as a valuable support to the world of education thanks to its collaboration and training programs with institutes in the area. è oggi un punto di riferimento nel collegamento tra il mondo accademico e PMI, nonché un valido appoggio al mondo dell’istruzione grazie ai programmi di collaborazione e formazione con gli istituti presenti nel territorio.

Innovation is the engine of growth.