Quality and certifications

Two cornerstones of the offer to our customers.

a complete path

The path to quality starts as early as the choice of raw material suppliers.

In fact, we can boast:

  1. the ability to manage a large number of certifications;
  2. an advanced management system that allows us to carry out acceptance testing according to predetermined controls and gives us the ability to file and track all the certifications that the customer requires.

The production department is equipped with workstations that provide altimeters, micrometers and P/NP pads.

This allows operators to carry out established periodic checks so that action can be taken if discrepancies are found, compared to the required quality standards.

Thanks to the traceability software we are able to link the production batch to the batch of raw material used.

Finally, downstream of the production process is the testing department equipped with:

  1. numerical control measuring machine;
  2. altimeter;
  3. profile projector;
  4. laser marking machine.

The testing department performs the final checks and manages, files and sends all the required documentation to the customer.

For example, we are able to produce documentation such as: 

  1. UNI EN 100204 3.1 /2.2 certificates
  2. PPAP documentation 
  3. Testing reports

For its careful quality management activities, we have received:

  1. Certificati UNI EN 100204 3.1/2.2
  2. Documentazione PPAP 
  3. Report di collaudo

Per la sua attenta attività di quality management, abbiamo ricevuto:

  1. 9001:2015 certification for quality system management
  2. 14001:2015 certification for the environmental management system
  3. GMP certification for the management of mechanical processing of food-contact components

The company can also make use of tests performed at the CESI laboratory, medium voltage switch tests, to verify the conformity of this product to customer requirements.

Quality and high standards are part of our DNA.