Semi-finished product resale

A state-of-the-art approach to reducing delivery time.

our methodology

In order to be able to give a timely and effective response to the demands of our customers, we have conceived a business sector entirely dedicated to the storage and direct sale of sheet and round materials of engineering plastics and composite materials.

The cornerstone of this activity is our warehouse in Signa. Here, the stock management of our products and the geographical location of the warehouse allow us to guarantee extremely short delivery times.

The facility is GMP certified for the storage and handling of materials for industries where food contact is expected.

Within the warehouse we have a cutting line with which we can make custom cuts for customers.

To the traditional warehouse we combine the application of specific software for even more precise management.

All incoming raw materials are labeled and tracked informatically. This allows us to manage the complete traceability of the product we sell, linking to the customer order the batch of raw material used and the certifications linked to it.

We manage to reduce delivery times thanks to our organization and the centrality we give to logistics.