Co-design and co-industrialization

The importance of being a partner in component implementation

our methodology

Helping the client in product conception and realization are two services that give us the ability to be at the forefront.

Our business is well marked by services such as consulting and co-design, always working alongside the customer. 

Co-industrialization, on the other hand, is favored by the know-how gained from more than 50 years of experience in ever-changing markets. 

The choice of materials sets us apart.

We are able to recommend the most suitable materials depending on the processing. 

Our added value comes from our knowledge and management of a very wide range of materials, which allows us to find alternative solutions to customer requirements.

Once we obtain the customer drawing, we start the consulting phase:

  1. the customer can ask for advice on the material to be used in the application
  2. if the customer’s request needs to be revised, we study it by finding the most suitable material

The goal is to find materials that are perfect for the application required by the customer and that we are capable of handling. 

We succeed in directing the customer to the best choice.

Being specialized in consulting, means listening to the customer and being able to compare until we arrive at the most advantageous choice. This is what we do every day, with a few caveats.

In specific sectors, such as automotive or woodworking machine building, we go beyond machining by being able to support the customer even in defining the technical details of the component to be made.

In addition to co-design and co-industrialization, we think about material analysis.

In this path, which starts from the customer drawing and goes through consulting, an important step is the chemical-physical analysis of the prim material.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary CERTEMA laboratory, we can give the customer specific information about the composition of materials and their characteristics, ensuring that we can identify the best solution depending on the application.

In addition to CERTEMA, through our offices we have contacts with analytical laboratories all over Italy, also guaranteeing this last step of consultancy to the customer.

The expertise gained in more than fifty years of experience in co-design and co-industrialization allow us to support those who choose us.