An Italian story

Tosti is a tale more than 50 years long.


It starts with the first small family carpentry workshop, leading to the company where mechanics and innovation merge together.


In 1983 we purchased our first CNC machine, which gave us the impetus to broaden our vision and expand into new markets.

This path has allowed us to come into contact with large realities, such as those in the railway world, and to participate in extremely complex and challenging projects, such as collaboration with CERN in Geneva during the construction of the LHC particle accelerator.


Today we are a well-established company, with more than 120 employees, that has decided to keep its roots in its home territory, recognizing in this a great social value.

his was the starting point for a project that is leading us to expand throughout Italy.

All this would not exist without continuous attention to changes in the world and the market, without the understanding that the competitiveness of a company lies in the search for innovation and the centrality of people, whether they are employees or customers.

Our story starts from the territory and is hungry for innovation.