Machine fleet and technology

The best technologies for every application.

The decision to specialize in various fields consequently brought the need to have a fleet of machines up to the mark.

Today we can count on a machine park consisting of lathes, 3- and 5-axis machining centers and 3-, 4- and 5-axis pantographs.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the organizational model, the high technological level of the machinery and the know-how of the technical department, we are able to produce products of the highest quality, on time and within the costs required by our customers.

An organized machine park.

Our machine park is spread over all our factories, divided by processing types and product lines.

This makes it possible to diversify production, organize it and control it in the best possible way, always ensuring that the delivery date is met.

CNC machines are the heart of our processing.

We are continually updating our fleet of machines, investing in modern means that can improve what we do on a daily basis.

With the latest investments we can count on about thirty numerically controlled machines. We are able to process a wide range of materials thanks to family-specific technical shrewdness. 

The machinery at our disposal allows us to make small and large components, being able to handle machining up to six meters in length.

Also helping us in production are the tools in the CERTEMA laboratory.

This multidisciplinary space is essential for delving into the chemical-physical aspects of the materials we process thanks to an analysis laboratory capable of performing extremely accurate and specific analyses being equipped with the latest generation of machinery (FESEM, XRPD, DSC).