Specific, precise and timely interventions.

our process

For the creation of the products required by our customers, we have always carried out a wide range of workings that have been updated over time going hand in hand with the arrival of new state-of-the-art machinery.

Basically, we deal with three types of machining:

  1. Machining
  2. Assemblies
  3. Reclamation

We specialize in the fabrication of mechanical components by machining to customer drawings.

This is possible through the use of state-of-the-art numerical control machines.

In addition, with the initiation of a careful digitization process and the streamlining of our management processes, we have become one of the few companies able to process very different materials.

Part assembly processes constitute another important part of our work.

This allows us to manage very different product families that can, however, be present on the same assembly, guaranteeing our customers the possibility of verticalizing the supply chain and turning to us as a single partner.

Finally, there is special processing, such as reclamation activity.

Specifically, we have many years of experience in asbestos remediation activities. For years, in fact, we have been intervening by carrying out remediation on medium-voltage and DC circuit breakers disassembled from electrical panels and remediated on site with the replacement of asbestos-containing parts. 

Our interventions take place at the client’s production site. 

In these cases we act as site manager, totally managing the scenario in which we operate. Remediation activities are carried out by scrupulously applying the relevant Laws and Regulations, regarding safety and accident prevention at work and interference management.

From these experiences, we have achieved a high ability to operate in environments outside our daily work scenario.