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Our company’s aim is to satisfy the needs of its customers through the contribution and the work of conscious people, who look towards evolution, while promoting their well-being.

For us, the attention given to customers is sacred: it is absolutely vital that our actions towards customers are always guided by the complete availability, proactivity and propositiveness, in overcoming any obstacle that may hinder their satisfaction.

The company wants to play the role of one of the main Italian players of changes within the artisan and industrial sector that produces articles manufactured in composite material and in Technopolymer; promoting the experimentation of new working methods, implementing new technologies within the production processes, inventing new patents, training, research and development activities.

We want to promote dialogue between people, the various areas and Management, because we believe that it is the basis for truely understanding interpersonal dynamics, internal processes and external factors, with the aim of optimising human resources and the organization of work in order to ensure the company’s continuity.

It is important that we all combine our relational competences, in order to truely exercise active listening which is the basis for constructive, proactive communication that also contributes to reducing stress.

Tosti S.r.l. - Projects financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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