Applications to operate with low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance.

For this sector, we mainly deal with the machining of technopolymer parts.

The main items we deal with are for lifting machines, such as telescopic cranes.

In detail, we are involved in creating:

  • telescopic boom sliding elements;
  • pulleys and rollers for the movement of lifting organs;

The main characteristics of these products are low friction coefficient and high wear resistance.

We are able to achieve these characteristics through our cooperation with CERTEMA and our relationship with suppliers.

Within this sector, we are involved in one specific processing: the manufacture of pulleys for the lifting world.

In this particular process we engage in the replacement of steel pulleys with cast nylon ones. The process is simple: we cast the nylon in molds and then finish the semi-finished product by machine. 

This type of processing allows the customer to lower the cost for production and lower the weight of the product.