Energy and electronic sector

Energy and electronic sector

Electrical insulators for a wide range of applications

That of energy production and transformation represents one of the main areas of application for electrical insulators.

Within the departments, insulating components are made for: 

  • alternators; 
  • electric motors; 
  • transformers;
  • reactors.

The most commonly used type of material in this area are fiberglass composites and bachelized wood.

A complete molding and machining line of Nomex® insulating channels for alternators and high-power motors has also been built.

The same materials are used in the electronics industry to build insulating components with high mechanical and thermal performance, and in the railroad industry where we have been making, for many years, spark extinguishing fireplaces for contactors and switches through the use of completely asbestos-free electrical insulating materials.

We have used the same materials for customer projects specializing in particle physics research (CERN) and nuclear physics (ITER).