Food & Pharma

Food & Pharma

Food and pharmaceutical sectors united by certified processing

This sector is the one that has developed the most in recent years.  

It is a field with strict rules: what we do cannot influence the final product, which will then arrive in consumers’ homes.

Companies must comply with legal and market requirements, especially when handling sensitive materials such as food or chemicals. 

At the same time, customers are increasingly demanding a wider range of innovative products, higher quality standards, and greater flexibility and speed.

Compliance with all procedural standards, combined with the processing of all components, has been achieved through GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

Through this certification we can perform machining of parts in technopolymers (food grade and FDA certified) and aluminum.

We are involved in the machining of components, with direct or indirect contact, used in machinery and equipment for food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging.

Some of the items we manufacture are:

  • bottle guides;
  • conveyor wheels;

Similar components, made from the same materials, also pertain to the packaging sector, although not subject to the same certifications.